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KVB Kunlun is an international financial services corporation with operations in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Hong Kong and Beijing. We pride ourselves on our professional and disciplined approach to financial markets, as is evidenced by the granting of authorisations and licences by regulators in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong.
We have a global team of financial specialists dedicated to providing truly visionary investment services. The initials in our name — KVB — remind us of our mission to use our expert knowledge and versatility to break the barriers of traditional investment services, revolutionising our clients’ investment experience.
KVB Kunlun offers a unique combination of international strength and local flexibility that has helped propel our rapid global expansion and placed us at the forefront of international global financial services.

KVB Kunlun Group of companies:
KVB Kunlun Pty Limited
KVB Asset Management Company Limited
KVB Kunlun New Zealand Limited
KVB Kunlun International(HK)Limited
KVB Kunlun Securities(HK)Limited
KVB Kunlun Asset Management(HK)Limited
KVB Kunlun Canada Inc
KVB FX Limited
KVB FX Pty Limited

Год основания: 2010 год
Сайт компании: www.kvbkunlun.com
Мин. депозит: 1000
Мин. сделка: 0.1
Спред: -
Кредитн. плечо: 1:100
Терминал: MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
Инструменты: Forex,
CFD контракты,
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